Getting rid of it! I think it's time. Don't you?

I wasn't always fat, and I'm not going to always be either.

The Firm & WW together....inches gone!!!


No shoulder pads  for me!  No back rolls either! No surgery, no pills..

.just hard work and determination got me to where I am now. I used to blame my weight partly on genetics now I'm thanking my genetics for GREAT skin!   Still sculpting and defining!

LOTS of pics below! Including REAR comparison shots.

In case you haven't seen my homepage, I've lost 115 pounds and have been at goal for over 7 years now!

Pics on left taken Nov. 21, 2010

WATP 10000156 Not quite ready for the challenge of the FIRM?? Walk Away the Pounds (link above) is the workout I started with BEFORE  I started Weight Watchers, my weight loss journey and really changing my life. I was NOT serious about losing weight at the time. I then continued to use it and alternated it with the FIRM workouts  once I joined WW, I sometimes used it on my "rest" days from the FIRM,  other days I walked outdoors . It helped prepare me for the FIRM and is a great workout to start out with. I then switched to mostly firming.

Which FIRM system did I start with? Body Sculpting System 2  . I still use this system combined with my many firm dvds that I own. I love using the sculpting stick that is used in BSS2.  I lost the majority of my weight with this sytem.  This is the one that I alternated Walk Away the Pounds with and walking outdoors. They don't call that 2 part box the fanny lifter for nothing! 

Be sure to check out my favorite things page for more favorites!


Save everyday on your Fitness Videos,!Looking for individual FIRM videos? They have lots, be aware that the FIRM videos use sure you have that equipment before you order a video or you may be disappointed. The link above also has Body Sculpting System 3 on DVD ( I think these are a lot of fun, but geared toward someone that is not just beginning the FIRM, intermediate to advanced firmies would get a great workout w/ this system)

Or looking for a video that shows you proper form for the FIRM? Click that link above from  and look for a video called FIRM POINTS!



 Taped for the FIRM 4 infomercial 2/12/05 through 2/15/05 in Hollywood, and Orange Country California. The infomercial is  airing just in the testing phase now, so it might be hard to catch for a while.   Updated pics from studio tour below, taken July 10, 05.

Update: Almost every morning between 6:30  and 8:00 EST I've caught the infomercial mainly on Discovery Channel but others as well (bravo,comedy channel). If you haven't seen my infomercial trip pics you can see them at 

My hubby and I took a lot!


Full body pic taken May 23, 05 At goal for for 5 months now!




















Allie and I at the FIRM studio on July 10,05

My family and I took a tour of the studio on the way home from vacation and didn't

even think any of the familiar instructors would be there according to the schedule...but

we bumped into Allie.

 Got to chat quite a while and enjoyed it. She's a lot of fun. There she is in that cute lil' ad!

TransFIRMer 10000329


HMMM I felt right at home up there in that master instructor spot! 




Leg pic Feb. 05, 112.2 gone          Arm pic March 28, 05


Pic March 28, 05

Arm pic June 22, 05 Got triceps? 


Arm pic below taken Mar. 28, 05



The Firm  has given me the tone and shape I was looking for! No sucking in!!! Woohoo!

Not a very glamorous shot! LOL! Just finished a sweaty Firm workout.

107  pounds gone (Nov. 23, 04)  in this pic! YOU CAN LOSE your belly, mine was HUGE! New Back and  Fanny pics below!



104 gone in bicep pic above Calf taken Feb. 1, 05 (112.2 gone)

Behind Pics:

1st pic July 03, 2nd pic, 10/7/04; 99.8 gone, 3rd pic not quite the right angle but 104 lbs gone!

Update: I do the firm workout  5 to 6 days per week and walk or take rest days n the other days depending on which videos I have done. I use all three of the BSS systems with some of the addons.  I just rotate them randomly.

Update: April 06, 05 I am currently using the new TransFIRMer system from the Firm. It's only available to club members. I got mine FREE for filming the infomercial! Fabulous system, best yet in my opinion. Should be released to the public I would think in May. Not sure on that though.

Update: May 23, 05 The Transfirmer is now available for purchase off the firmdirect site or from collage video.  Still enjoying my system!

Update: Jan. 06 I'm still doing the FIRM and alternating with different forms of cardio, sometimes I do the FIRM'S cardio as well, sometimes I do Turbo Jam.


back pic taken Sept. 27, 04, 2nd pic 107 lbs gone, Nov. 23, 04,3rd pic taken Aug. 20, 05 @115 gone.

I've been asked about loose skin under the arms, I have some....

Here's a pic so you can see, not bad at all,  It's getting better all the time. (Aug 05 picture, approx. 115 gone)


The firm has helped with that too! It's good to feel strong! 


Total inches lost as of  March 05                                                     

Arm-4 inches (both arms 8  inches I  don't count that)  

. hips-18   in.

 waist-14.5 in.

 leg ( upper thigh) - 10 inches (both legs of course 20  inches..I don't count that)

braline- 11inches

Abdomen- 20 INCHES!!! 


  These are the meas. I've kept up with since 1 week after joining WW. I have done full body meas. on (try it) since Oct. amazing the difference.        .