Getting rid of it! I think it's time. Don't you?

I wasn't always fat, and I'm not going to always be either.

See me on TV! Here's a snippet of the infomercial!


Gaiam - As Seen on TVHere's the FIRM EXPRESS from 2011 (you can see me in the first few minutes and near the end)

and I do believe it is my FAVORITE system the FIRM has EVER come out with. I don't get bored at all with them. They are so

effective and ONLY 20 minutes in length and 2 of them are ONLY 10 minutes each! We can all find that amount of time in our day..right?

Here's a few of my favorite FIRM workouts... quite effective and tough! Click the workout for more info.

Some of the most effective FIRMs, Upper Body Sculpt in the middle is one of the toughest upper body workouts I've ever done. :) 


 Want to sculpt sculpt sculpt? This is one of my favorites that keeps the dancey stuff to a minimum and lots of sculpting. 

I LOVE Lucky Brand Jeans...they're pricey, but worth it to me. I usually get them as a treat to myself. I buy one pair a year! LOL..they are the ONLY jeans that fit me comfortably and properly. No gap in the back!!!! Usually if I get a pair of jeans to fit in the waist...they are too tight in the the butt...too big in the waist and then there is the big gap in the back! Grrr! With these I don't have that problem. My favorite styles are  EASY RIDER and The Lucky WONDER jean. Soft, supple denim that last and last and last! I'm wearing Lucky Wonders in the FIRM infomercial and photo shoot picture with the jeans and the light blue top.

Pictures are links, happy clicking! ;)

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Good Times EntertainmentThis is the system I did the 2007 infomercial filming for! I am LOVING IT! No step, just you and the new cardio weights. New fun moves, really get the heart rate up and alleviate boredom! I can tell these are going to be QUITE effective and helping people lose weight AND keep it off! HURRAY! CLick the picture for more info. I am so pleased with this new system and I think you'll love it too! Plus the booklet that comes with it features me. 

 Gaiam As Seen on TV

Here's a text link below to the Transfirmation doesn't include weights and you can use your own free weights with it...some of my FAVORITE New FIRM workouts are from this set and I use them quite often. 2 THUMBS UP!!!!

Good Times EntertainmentThis is the system I did the 2005 Infomercial for! Want great results??...this is the workout for you!! Click the picture above for more info. You can also search the FIRM store from this link (picture) and find the latest workouts put out by the FIRM that are VERY different! I love Cardio Dance Slim Down by Allie, and another favorite is Alison's Ultimate Fat Burning Workout and Bootcamp put out by Alison.


ALL NEW TransFIRMer System (DVD)

If you'll click on that link above..then click on Store..then click on top products....scroll down to the blue line where it says previous and's on page 4 at the bottom and is on special right now!, Inc.The FIRM  Body Sculpting System 2 (BSS2), I started with this system, and lost the majority of my weight with it. Any of the systems are great to start with. This one was helpful, because the sculpting stick helps with balance, and it's also used as weight too! Click on the overstock link and search for The FIRM Body Sculpting System 2. It uses a sculpting stick, but you can sub a broom/dowel and/or free weights. The overstock link also has Total Body Time Crunch workout by Rebekah from the of my all time favorites!

Think the FIRM might be too much for you to start with? I used WATP pictured above for a while before starting the FIRM and BEFORE I started Weight Watchers...I have no idea how much weight I lost with it (I never weighed til' I went to WW) , but it did help prepare me for The FIRM. I also alternated the system above with the FIRM in the beginning.

Love playing with this Good Times Entertainment I've made lil' cakes, muffins, corn bread, baked potatoes, all kinds of things...I just let my imagination get going and throw things in there and see what happens! LOL!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE my heart rate monitor!! Never have to guess calories burned, or rely on a machine that isn't based on your stats!   You can punch in your weight, age, and height and it will tell you how many you burned! A good rule of thumb is 100 calories burned equals 1 AP...takes out the guess work! I've been using mine about 2 years  now and it's still going strong! Occasionally overstock offers percentages off!

This is Body Sculpting System 1, the first total system put out by the FIRM. It's been newly packaged so don't think it's the latest one!

This IS one of the latest workouts by the FIRM. I have the medium resistance cord one, pictured is the light resistance...Great for variety and on a day you just don't want to climb a step! Click the pic for more info.

Want a FIRM workout that will make you your muscles quiver! This is the one! I have finally been able to do it without shaking all over! LOL! I love variety and this one gives me just that. You have to be sure to order the proper size ball for your height. I'm almost 5'4 so the 55cm ball is perfect for me! Picture is a link to more info.

Most of my workout wear you see on here is by Champion! Love it!