Getting rid of it! I think it's time. Don't you?

I wasn't always fat, and I'm not going to always be either.

Updating 2020 on my new site

I lost OVER 100 pounds and I'm keeping it off! 40 and feeling FABULOUS!

CLICK  on the links throughout my page for the FIRM for more info! You'll be glad you did.

CHRISTMAS PIC BELOW AND on Before/after page!

From a 22/24 to a 4! Think you can't? You're probably right!

Think you can? I KNOW you are right! The devil will supply you with excuses as to why you can't!

With Christ ALL things are possible!

115 pounds GONE!

1st and 2nd  pics taken 11/21/10 on set 2010  FIRM Express Infomercial (link in sidebar on right); next  pic  July 2003 (the start!)

"For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again"
(Proverbs 24:16a) So what if you've tried many times to do this! TRY AGAIN! You can do it too!

YOU CAN LOSE IT and KEEP IT OFF! new family pic below

beach pic Taken August 26, 2010...can you believe how those girls have grown!?! Lots of before/after pics! Christmas 2010 Pic taken Dec. 18.

From a 22/24 to a 6!  I made goal Dec. 04. You TOO can be results not typical! I lost 115 pounds in 03/04 with Weight Watchers and The FIRM. I now just eat well and do The FIRM 5 to 6 days per week!

With Christ anything is possible! 17 years to gain my weight and 17 months to lose it! Browse around and see what you too can do! Lots of before/after photos, tips, and encouragement! It's not easy, but it's QUITE doable!