Getting rid of it! I think it's time. Don't you?

I wasn't always fat, and I'm not going to always be either.

Food for Thought/ FAQ

Updated- Jan. 2012 I have recently had to close down my forums because of space limits on my site. I now have a group on facebook if you are interested in ACTIVELY participating please send me your facebook name thru the contact me link on this site.

Updated- 10/2010 I now mostly enjoy doing mini meals throughout the day...usually some form of lean protein, complex carb, healthy fat combo. I eat maybe 5 to 6 meals a day and it really fires the metabolism! Plus shaking up your routine like this really makes a difference!


Sample daily menu since I've really cleaned up my diet:

 Breakfast: Peanut Butter Toast, the bread is Private Selection Whole Wheat Organic  (I always use Kroger Natural Organic CHUNKY Peanut butter) I might add a banana or an orange to this one.

Lunch: Gorton's Frozen Salmon Filet w/ 1/2 cup brown rice and maybe some green beans and/or a piece of fruit

Snack: Luna S'mores Protein Bar or a bowl of Kashi cereal

Dinner: Homemade quesadilla (grilled chicken, 2 percent pepperjack cheese, chopped green pepper and onion) on a wheat tortilla, green salad w/ 2 percent cheese, and strawberries

64 oz of water


NEW! Frequently asked questions below...including the skin question! update June 26, 05

Suggestions (I have been asked many times to post's some that come to mind)


Never compete with someone else losing weight. Everyone loses

differently, don't set yourself up for disappointment.


Never say I am going to try to lose weight...say I will Lord willing.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Saying try just sets yourself up for failure.


Don't eat anything just because it's good for you yet you hate

the taste of'll just make you feel like you're dieting and you'll

want to stop. I eat only what I like..just less of it.


Enjoy the journey...don't rush to get to'll happen if you

stick with the program.


Measure yourself often...weekly in the beginning..monthly later on..

you won't believe the difference.

Also take lots of progress pics..they are great motivators when you

can see for your own eyes how much you've lost. Mirrors just aren't

the same.


Try new things often. Keep it interesting..if you're getting bored doing

one type of exercise buy another video it's worth the money to keep

you motivated.


Never say quit...that's not an option.


If you really want to do this you'll find a way...if'll find an excuse.

(saw that in a ww board signature..good one)


Believe in yourself no matter what others may tell you.

There are always people out there wanting to see you fail.

Prove them wrong. You can do this!


Exercise...yes you should do it....I do it some form or another..

I highly recommend weight training along with walking and aerobics.

Weight training builds muscle which in turn burns more fat..even while at rest.

Yay! Not to mention the toning benefits!


Drink that water too! It helps the skin to shrink back as well!

Milk is a biggie too.....great for the skin and helps with the weight loss.


EAT YOUR POINTS!!! AT least your target every day. It's also ok to

eat your activity points..don't feel guilty. Flex points I save for

special occasions. That's just me.

If you don't eat your target by the time you're near goal..your body will need

very little food to don't want that to happen....feed that metabolism.

Eat often throughout the day....break up your meals into smaller ones for

a change....really revs the metabolism.


Don't think the cost of meetings is too much or you don't have the time...

What's it going to cost later in life for medical problems you may have?


Don't blame your weight on genetics....I was fat because I ate too much

and didn't move my body enough!! Plain and simple fact. No offense to anyone

reading....for me it Was hard to face

but when I finally did it was the click I needed to get with it. No excuse mentality.



Be the one that stuck with it, be the results not typical. Show your body what you're made of! You don't have to be fat, anymore. You really don't!

I'll add more as they come to mind. Thanks for reading and hope something

here may have inspired you in your journey to a happier, healthier you!



The SKIN question:

Will I have excess skin when I lose over 100 pounds?

You may not like my answer. If you're easily offended please move on to the next page.


Well, most likely you will. Some have it worse than others and in different places.
Also I wasn't too concerned when I was busy stuffing myself and stretching it out, was I? Harsh? Maybe, but the truth. I choose to face the truth of what I did to my body. My skin has went back rather nicely, but the skin that hasn't well I just look at it and let it remind me of what living an unhealthy lifestyle can get you. Don't let the fear of loose skin keep you from losing weight. What's the alternative? Fat filled skin and a heart attack? Loose skin really doesn't look all that bad and clothes can cover a multitude of sins or skin. ;)

What's helped my skin in my opinion?
Weight training and good eating. I think the FIRM has helped plump up the muscles under my skin therefore helping the appearance of it. I think it's helped but it's definitely not a cure. Eating good healthy food has also helped. Along w/ the milk! Genetics plays a big part as well.



My Fitness Journey…
Growing up as a child I played softball on a team, and was very active. As I got older I continued to play ball but then became sedentary. After I married I started slowly gaining weight so I did Richard Simmons videos for a while but just couldn't find that body shape on there I was shooting for so I didn't stick with it, plus I'm a hairdresser so I couldn't quit looking at his hair....going crazy wanting to cut it, LOL. I also tried a breathing tape that was supposed to make you lose weight. Nope didn't work and was so boring! I have a total gym...collecting dust...again boring to me. I also bought one of those leg swinging things, that was fun but got old rather quickly. I've tried Taebo, it was ok, but not quite what I was wanting. Nothing has kept my interest like The FIRM; I've used it since 2003! I've stuck with it because I saw results and I love it!

What do you do for exercise and how did you get those arms?

I use the FIRM, it's given be great arms that I don't mind wearing sleeveless now. I firm 5/6 days per week. I talk the occasional walk/jog but rarely.

I lift fairly heavy dumbbells ( do NOT be afraid of bulking up with weights!) Anywhere from 2 to 24 lbs in each hand. I did not start out that heavy however! Baby steps got me to lifting that heavy. It takes time to build up, allow your body to do it. Always challenge yourself but don't try to take out your back while you're doing it! Be sensible and realize a fit body isn't built over night, but it CAN be built!

Thinking of trying the FIRM????  (one major thing..when you're a beginner, realize it and don't become frustrated because you can't do what the instructors can at first)

Carla's Top Tips for Beginners

1. Start slow and easy: Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will a fit body be.

2. Take at least one rest day a week; that's when your body is repairing itself… very important!

3. If you can't complete a workout, that's ok, do what you can, march in place if you have to and jump back in when you feel like you're ready for more. If you can't go on, fast forward to the cool down and stretching. You'll become stronger and stronger each time.

4. Be sure to look at your eating if you want to lose weight, sometimes we can exercise until the cows come home but if our eating is all bad then the scale isn't going to move.

5. Never, ever quit; you'll never have that body you want if you quit.



How do you stay motivated?
My motivation comes from how I feel, and how I look. I love being able to grab something and put it on and not have to stand in front of the closet wondering..Hmm will ANY of this fit me?? And if it does....will it even look presentable? I also stay motivated by my family. I want them too to eat healthy and to grow up learning how to eat like they have some sense instead of eating every fattening thing that is offered. I want them to learn how to cook healthy for themselves, to make healthy choices and to realize that a lot of foods out there are better off left on the shelf. I feel so strong now and I love it! As far as staying motivated to workout.....the mirror keeps me going back for body has went through so many changes...I have muscle definition..once you get it you want more and more! I feel so great now! Sometimes I do have to MAKE myself do it...I don't always love working out. Sometimes we just have to do it unmotivated.


Why did you choose WW?

WW just made sense to me. I CAN eat anything I want, just not everything! WW is some thing I can live the rest of my life on. No restrictions. It teaches you a new way of life. A new way that feels so good! Other plans restrict certain foods...are you going to live the rest of your life w/out potatoes and bread? You go ahead...NOT ME!

My Favorite losing  Tip… Record everything you eat!
My favorite  tip is to record everything you eat in a journal. Even if you happen to overindulge that day be sure to record it so you can see where you might need to switch things up.


Am I hopeless? Certainly not!

God Is An Artist

10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we

 should walk in them.

Look around. See for yourself. God is an artist extraordinaire!

When we gaze at a beautiful sunset, or look at the infinitely
varied forms of life we find surrounding us, and realize that
God designed it all, it is easy to be impressed. God is an
artist. The most brilliant, creative artist ever to exist.

But when we look at our own lives and consider what God is
doing there, we tend to forget that God is an artist. He is
making something beautiful out of you and your life. You may
not see the beauty now -- you may not even see any design or
evidence that God is working -- but you will recognize it

God's intention for you is to be much more beautiful and
glorious than a sunset or a school of multi-colored fish. And
you will be! God will not fail.

"Wait a minute!  I can see plenty of people that God
has failed on. They are anything but "beautiful and glorious"
-- inwardly or outwardly."

Yes... today. But God is not finished. Many great works of art
take a long time. Don't judge too soon!

 God is an artist and He is working on you and me.  Go ahead,
God. Let's see what you can do. 


Justified (my youth choir) Performing I AM!

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