Getting rid of it! I think it's time. Don't you?

I wasn't always fat, and I'm not going to always be either.

I lost 115 pounds with Weight Watchers and The FIRM

Before on right, July 15, 2003,  & after Dec. 2009,  YOU can KEEP it off too! I made goal in 2004! You too be the one that has results not typical!


                                                                                                   Think you're destined to be fat? NO WAY! You can do this too! Weight Watchers and The FIRM was a great combo for me! Lots of information and before/after pictures! I hope you browse around and find some motivation and inspiration to help YOU to finally once and for all GET RID OF IT! I (AND YOU) can do ALL things thru Christ! before July 15, 2003, after April 4, 2009  







The picture  w/ white background  taken 4/07 in LA for the 2007 FIRM Cardio Weights Transfirmation System Infomercial. Lime green shirt below taken  about 1 year before starting the FIRM and WW.   Lots of before/afters below! NEW Christmas comparison pic below...thru 2008

Times EntertainmentHere's a link to the latest FIRM WAVE! My review is in my blog!

 Snippet of me in the INFOMERCIAL below! Check it out! Lots of Before/after pics below!


I Love You alt. glitter text
Get yours at

New Family Pic Christmas 2010 They aren't little anymore!









Taken during filming of the 2007 FIRM infomercial. This is the part where the voice over dude says WOW! ;) That smile says it all!!! What a great feeling to not be burdened with weight! 2005 and 2007 Infomercial trip pictures are located at

Below  before  July 14, 03 After summer 2006


Here's a picture of my new "do" from the makeover/photoshoot for Looking Good Now! Magazine. Taken in Boca Raton, Fla. June 24, 06

For more pictures from my trip with Looking Good Now! magazine go to:

 If you previously saw pictures of me in my photo shoot attire here that was a sneak peek.  The magazine has since asked me to remove them until after I've been featured in the magazine. Can't blame em'. I'm also going to be removing some from my picturetrail site that has me dressed in my photo shoot clothing. I'll let ya' know when I'm featured.

UPDATE: LGN magazine has ceased production so I won't be featured there. Still waiting to hear from Woman's World.

More Before/afters below!

 Think you CAN'T  change your body???

THINK AGAIN!!! Check out the before below! 

April 1, 06 At goal over 15 months! O' what a change!


Lots  more BEFORE/after pictures below! 

Want to know some of my favorite things? Be sure to check out my favorite things page w/ links!


For  pictures from my QVC appearance on Jan. 1, 06,  AND March 9, 06  go to  

This picture taken Mar.9, 06 about 3 minutes before going live on air on QVC!


Here's to a new YOU this coming year! If you haven't made that decision to Get Rid of It...there's no time like the present! You'll be sooo glad you did!

Pic below in red, taken December 11, 05, 1 year at goal on Dec. 14! Pic on left  in green taken, Dec. 17, 05

I've lost 115 pounds with Weight Watchers and The FIRM!

What's The FIRM???  Below is the workout that has TOTALLY transformed my body, be sure to check out my firm results page for more pictures of my results!

Click below for more info or to order.  1st picture is for 2005 Transfirmer system, 2nd picture with Firm cardio weights is from 2007 infomercial just released in June 07. Links open in new window.

TransFIRMer 10000310Good Times Entertainment

Be watching for my before/after pics on The Biggest Loser televison show on NBC in January 06!  Update: I was featured Jan. 4, 06

Infomercial shoot picture.

MORE before/afters below, several sets. Be sure to scroll all the way down.

That's me taken at Target (9/22/05)! Hard to believe that I'm on tv and now a box!  You never know what you can achieve if you set your mind to it ! I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me, thank you Lord!










114.6   pounds gone!   




Before/After pics below,

muscle pics on Firm

results page.  .

The FIRM infomercial shoot picture in workout wear.  Taken Feb. 14, 05,before pic above in aqua,  July 15, 03, day one of WW.   Firm infomercial trip pictures (Feb. 12-15,05) click below


Pssstttt...Did you see that new page up top? FAQ page as well, I thought you might have missed that

Maintenance/Lifetime Journal

Dec. 21,04  I am currently working on getting my weight to stablize and have the first week of maintenance under my belt so to speak. I added back in approx. 4 pts per day and I was up .6 above my goal. My leader told me to continue with the upped points  for another week and see what happens. I also didn't exercise as hard this past week due  to not feeling well. Onward and downward. Looking so forward to becoming a lifetime member!!!

Dec. 28, 04 Week 2 of maintenance and I'm loving it! Went to weigh in today and I was back down to my goal weight with a .6 loss for the week! I lost over Christmas and I ate quite well! I allowed myself a free day on Sat. but probably still didn't eat what I would have before WW.  I did 20 pts per day for a couple days last week so I could allow for an all I wanted day on Saturday, the rest of the days I ate from  23 to 26 pts. Still continuing with my exercise and had a rest day 1 day last week. Here's to week 3!

Jan. 04, 05, a new year and I'm so excited to already be a new me! You too can say that next year, if you're just starting, don't you dare quit! Be the statistic that stuck with it, be the results that aren't typical! You'll be soooooo glad you did! If I can lose weight, I know you can too! Week 3 of maintenance and still loving it. I added even more points in this week one day 23, the others mostly 26 to 31 pts per day. I did workout daily with the firm or walking. I had one rest day last week. Oh I almost forgot, I LOST this week again! I'm .4 under my goal. Works for me!

Jan. 11, 05, 4 weeks on maintenance now. Everything is going great! I'm still eating 25 to 31/32 points per day. I worked out with the Firm 5 days last week and had 2 rest days. I LOST 1.2 this week! Woohooo! 1.6 under goal now. Again, if you're just starting or you've been doing this for years, NEVER QUIT!!

Jan. 18, 05, Week 5 maintenance. Still going strong! Last day of paying WW!! Yay! I turned in paperwork today to be a receptionist. 1 more week til' lifetime!! I'm thrilled with how WW has changed my life! That and The FIRM together is a great match! Had a maintain this week most days used 28 pts. 2 rest days this past week, 5 days of working out with the Firm.

Jan. 25, 05, It's official, I made lifetime today at WW!!!! I got my gold membership card and my lifetime key charm! It is soo exciting to think about what I have accomplished! I thank the Lord above for helping me through this journey so far! It's not over now, I know that! I'm in this for life with His help.  I had 1 rest day last week and 24 to 35 pts. I maintained evenly again! Isn't it great how well this system works! Work it...count your points...move ya fanny and it will happen! Glory!  

March 15, 05, still enjoying LIFETIME status at WW. Maintaining on approx. 30 pts per day give or take a few. I've got 2 training sessions accomplished for receptionist at Weight Watchers. Wow the paperwork is unreal!! My complimentary FIRM 4 kit is being shipped this week, can't wait to have my hands and feet ;o) on that!
Public release will still be some time away, I'm so excited to be one of the first people to own it!

March 21, 05
I used to think oh no spring is here, time for short sleeves and shorts are coming soon. Hmm maybe if I get a tan these big arms and legs will look better....Know what?  I found something that will make them look A LOT better.....I lost the weight, and toned it up! I don't dread summer this year, well maybe the fact that I don't have many clothes to choose from, most everything from last summer swallows me! That's ok, I've got the checkbook, and there are always yard sales! LOL! Clearance racks when you're small are the best too! Time to go shopping! I was smart though and bought several things early last fall in smaller sizes to save for this spring/summer. On another note I worked the weigh in booth alone for the first time last week! Kinda neat to be on the other side now, they are paying ME to come now! 
I went to a Passion Play at another church last night and was so funny how people that "knew" me (but hadn't seen me in a while) kept looking at me strangely because they weren't quite sure if it was me!

April 21, 05

Hi, everyone! So glad you're still checking in on me. I'm at my all time lowest now! 115 lbs GONE! Eating  26 to 38/40 points per day. It varies from one day to the next and I think that's one thing that's keeping where I want to be.  Working the front desk at WW, where we process the members and do all the tally. Whewww I'm telling ya mind boggling! But I'm learning, I'll get it I just know I will. The new mini oatmeal bars that are 1 pt at WW, are quite good, we started selling those today.  Also bought the strawberry smoothie, but haven't tried it yet. I'll let ya know how it is. ;) The FIRM infomercial that I participated in is now airing on national television. It's been spotted on Lifetime, Discovery, Bravo, A&E, HGTV, Comedy Channel and a few others. Maybe you'll catch me on there. Let me know if you see me, and if you can hear that southern accent, I'm sure you've come accustomed to in my typing. 

May 20, 2005

Well the tally at WW is getting easier and easier and everything is starting to work out perfectly! Yay, thank you Lord!  Still maintaining my weight under goal. Fluctuating up and down the same 3 or 4 pounds, which is what maintainenance is. I don't expect to get on the scale every week and be exactly the same, I'm flesh and blood.  My territorial manager has sent me training dates for this fall to become a leader. Pray for me please that I make the right decision in this. I don't want to get in over my head but truly would love to be able to help others do what I did and be able to maintain this better lifestyle for life. I'm enjoying your messages in my guestbook. 

June 23, 05

6  1/2 months at goal now. I think I'm getting the hang of this! It's a lifetime thing and something I will always have to watch. I could gain my weight back so quickly and I know that. Still working at WW. Tally is not nearly as hard as it used to be! Yay! Whew! Still learning new things every time I work though. WW has a lot of rules and regulations!!!  Most of them are a good benefit to us though. My weight still fluctates the same 3 to 4 lbs I mentioned last month. Still weighing in under my goal! Yay, that tickles me! If you go to my guestbook to sign and the page takes a minute or so to load that's normal for it. It kinda freezes up a second and then wallaaa opens up! Again, I'm enjoying your messages. Feel free to leave me a question or comment. I'll do my best to respond to you, if I haven't answered someone's question please leave it again, be careful w/ those email addresses (accuracy) a lot of times they come back as unknown and are returned to me. 

Aug. 6, 05

Well I've made my decision to not do leader training for a while. I just have too much going on to commit to a nightly meeting for 52 weeks out of the year. I live in a rural area and back up leaders are rare. I'll continue to work as a receptionist for now. It's just put on the back burner for a while. Definitely not ruling it out for the future. I'm still maintaining under goal. Enjoying my new lifestyle! Still doing the FIRM and continuing to notice changes taking place. I've found a new thing I love to do..HIKING! It's so much fun and you get to see so many beautiful spots. We hiked part of the Appalachian Trail the other day. Gorgeous views, 7 mile hike. Who would of thought I would have ever enjoyed hiking? It's like I look for things to do for exercise! Weird huh? Hope you enjoy the new before and after shot above. Was shocked when I found that pic in the green/blue top! I was a big girl! No more, honey, no more. Go get that lean person in you just beggin to come out!

Sept. 11, 05

Hey, it's me again! I've been so blessed to have been able to take several trips this year. The pic to the right (has been updated to a more recent pic) was taken at the entrance of an 100 year old boxwood maze. My hubby and I stayed at a romantic bed and breakfast inn in Christiansburg, Va. We celebrated our 16th anniversary there on Sept. 9/10. This maze was right outside our room, along with beautiful gardens! I've been indulging on all my trips a little more than I probably should have and it's caused the scale to creep up 3 or 4 lbs over the past couple of months. Nothing to freak out over.  But, It's time to get it back under control before it continues Up UP UP! It's ok to indulge and enjoy yourself..I will ALWAYS do that but there also comes a time when it's time to cut back as well.  Scale is going back down as we speak.  

Nov. 6, 05 pic above (brown/pink suit)

Had our national WW meeting today, so I had to look spiffy.  Was a fun meeting! I won a tabletop fountain, Yay! Gave us a nice watch and a goodie bag. I tied for the top weight loss at the meeting. That made me feel good too. Still maintaining, still exercising and watching those portions. Maintenance is a much more relaxed phase of WW for me. I can have a few more indulgences although I can't let those become too frequent or that scale will surely climb! God Bless ya!

January 8, 06

Brand new year! Hard to believe I've now been at goal for over a year! Last weigh in I weighed in under goal again! Woohoo! My QVC appearance turned out to be a fun QUICK weekend! Then this past Wednesday, January 4, The Biggest Loser featured me on their televsion show. Still baffles me that they contacted me. Then they call be back this past Friday and want to possibly fly me to LA to be on the Tyra Banks show. Well long story short, the Tyra folks call and say they'll call me back today  if they decide to feature me, if not they'll maybe use me for a future show. Well they didn't call. I had prayed that if it's what God wants for me to do I hoped that phone would ring...if not I certainly hoped the phone didn't. Appears that He's got another plan for me.  It was an honor to have been called especially when I hadn't even applied to the show. You never know where the Lord may lead you or where YOUR success story may go!

March 3, 06

I'm still here! Still weighing in great at WW, Yay! Still firming and still seeing results! I'll be going back to QVC with the FIRM, on March 9, 06 sometime during the 5 pm EST hour. We plan on staying a couple of extra days and doing a little sight seeing. It's about a 6 hour drive for us, so if I'm looking a bit tired on air, I am! LOL! I have put up new contact information up top if you haven't seen it. I know my guestbook loads soooo slowly, so it may be a quicker way for ya' to leave me a message. I love reading my guestbook though, so that way is great too!  

Pic to left taken, 3/3/06, 14 1/2 months at goal!

May 2, 2006

Busy, busy, busy! Girls are both playing softball and keeping me on my toes! I've added in a bit of the Turbo Jam workouts, not a lot because the FIRM is the only thing  that has given me the results I want. TJ is just fun for variety occasionally. If I focus more on TJ I notice my results slipping. I need the heavy sculpting work the FIRM gives.

Have you tried Breyer's Light Probiotic Plus yogurts? YUMMY, and count as a milk! I also really like the South Beach protein bars...especially the peanut butter one..10 grams of protein per bar! Yay! If you'd like to contact me feel free to sign my guestbook or email me at

June 26, 06

Just back from the photoshoot for Looking Good now Magzine, was lots of fun, but so glad to be back home. Had rough flights because of weather..ugghh! Maintenance is still going well! Praise the Lord that WW and the FIRM has taught me how to eat properly! No word on when I'll be featured, but should be within the year. I got a call from Woman's World magazine this week as well and had an interview. They saw my story online and emailed me. I think it may conflict with the other magazine article so may not be able to pursue that one further. This picture taken at the Marriot at Boca Raton, Florida, getting ready to head home! I really missed my hubby and girls!

For the latest additions head on over to my blog! Il'l be writing there from now on.












Annual Christmas picture Dec. 02- Dec. 2010

1st pic, Dec. 02,  2nd pic, Dec. 03 (48 lbs gone), 3rd pic, Dec. 17, 04 (111 lbs gone)!4th pic, one year at goal!!! Taken Dec. 17, 05 , 5th pic Dec. 16, 06!  6th pic Dec. 15, 07!  7th Dec. 13, 2008, 8th pic, Dec. 27, 2009. 9th pic Dec. 18, 2010!  

1st pic about 2 weeks before joining WW, 2nd pic GOAL! Dec. 14, 04

111 pounds gone!


     I hope you find inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams and have the body

you always wanted!  You can do this too, YOU REALLY CAN!!!!! I was overweight

for 17 years,  From age 17 to 34!!! It's never too  late to look and feel good about yourself.

 Please sign my guestbook with any comments or questions you may have. Thanks! 

My 100 pounds gone magnet, I received Oct. 12, 04!!!! Still so shocked!!

100 pounds gone certificate received Oct. 19, 04, 101 lbs gone in pic!


I really did it! I really did!

I am one of those that just had that "click" that I'm

sure some of you have heard about.

Little bit more in depth story for ya...


I was finally tired of being fat. Tired of carrying the weight around.
I finally decided to stop blaming  my weight on genetics. I was heavy because I simply ate
too much and didn't move my hiney enough. Once I had that click I was ready to change, ready to get rid of it! I joined Weight Watchers and found a workout program called The FIRM.
TransFIRMer 10000307
The combination has been priceless. You can get your body back!
 I am 5'3 1/2 ; I was a size 22/24 W and am now a 4/6! Woohoo!
I have been maintaining my weight loss for over a year now.
I love to show others it can be done, all the while
enjoying southern cooking. Just not every meal!  There are so many people out there that are burdened down with extra weight that they don't
have to carry around. Make that commitment to a happy, healthier you. You'll be so glad you did, it will be so worth every move your make.
.  I hike mountains now, exercise regularly and I
am having the time of my life. My children Hailey, 13, and Carly, 9,   love that they have a fit mom. They call me the 1/2 of a mom now!
My hubby, Bobby,  is quite tickled as well. I'm sure he feels like he has a new wife! I feel BRAND NEW!
So many years were wasted being heavy, no more! I have ME back and I plan on keeping her!

As of  2005,  ( I started WW on July 15, 2003) I hit goal, Dec. 14, 04.

 I have lost a total of  115   pounds with Weight Watchers. It's a wonderful program and it works!

It's been a God send to me, Thank You, Lord!


Be sure to check back often; I'll be updating my site regularly.  

Thanks for visiting;  God Bless!



First day of WW July 15, 03

Before Pic-  July 15,03    3 chins

I did not see this when I looked in the mirror....

but pictures don't lie. Talk about "in your face"!

  I knew I was overweight but not this.     2nd pic 112 lbs gone! 1/18/05 (thought you might like to see a side by side face comparison. )


2 chins!

26.4 down Oct. 14, 03


                                1 chin! 71 lbs gone, April 2, 04

I really do have a neck now! I feel so much younger!

Sometimes I don't even recognize me! That goes for the

before AND after pics!  

First pic June 1, 2004, 80.8 gone!  2nd pic Oct. 5, 04; 99.8 lbs gone!  



First pic day one of WW, July 15, 03 18/20 W women's short elastic waist!

22/24W top, 

2nd pic  Nov. 5, 04, 104 lbs gone!  Size 6 jean shorts, small top!   It can happen! Oh yeah!

Looking at these side by side brings tears to my eyes! I actually have definition in my shoulders..

they are not rounded chunks anymore!!! A well defined waist!! Ok, I'm thinking out loud here...LOL!

Can't believe how much taller and leaner  I look.  No more tree trunk legs.  I kept thinking the angle of the pic must be different but it's shoulder s line up with my shoulders and my  hands and so on.

It really is real...that is really the transformed  me!   Thank you, Lord for WW!!!

20W  to Medium second pic.  

Please scroll down for more pics.  


 I have collar bones again! woohoo!    



Myrtle Beach, SC  7/9/04, 85 lbs gone

                      AND one year later....7/ 6/05  GOAL for @ 7 mths. now..115 gone!



My Family Taken Sept. 12, 2004 &Nov. 6, 04

NEW FAMILY PIC! Taken Aug. 28, 05  Over 8 months at goal!

Carly almost 9, Hailey almost 13! Where has the time gone! (did ya see that logo on my shirt..The FIRM) 

I avoided family pictures like the plague!!! Now I can sit comfortably and feel like I look good

enough to sit in front of the camera. No tugging at the clothes or putting kids in front of me

to cover me up. Being fit and healthy truly feels sooooo good! I would have had trouble

getting up from here before. Feels so good looking smaller than the hubby!! 96 gone in this

pic, Bobby 20 gone.














Nov. 6, 04,  105.8 lbs gone.


 My precious girls, Hailey & Carly, 11 & 7; I homeschool them both.  


Ok, quit staring at my good-lookin hubby!!

LOL!!!  He's a wonderful guy!

I thank the Lord

for him! He has been a wonderful supporter to me!


Thanks, Bobby! You're the best!



Justified (my youth choir) Performing I AM!

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